Child Protection and Safeguarding Training Bradford

Designated Safeguarding Lead – 2 Yearly Update

  • Date/Time

    28th Jan
    9:30 am - 4:30 pm
  • Location

    29 Chapel Street
    BD1 5DT


This session is designed for Designated or Deputy Safeguarding Leads who have previously attended a full day Designated Safeguarding Lead or New to Role training session within the past two years.

As the Designated Safeguarding Lead (or deputy) you should take the lead responsibility for safeguarding within your school, providing advice and support to staff, pupils, families and multi-agencies. Keeping Children Safe in Education (2019) states ‘you are most likely to have a complete safeguarding picture and be the most appropriate person to advise on the response to safeguarding concerns’.

Therefore, it is essential that your knowledge of safeguarding and child protection procedures is not only in-depth but also up to date. Keeping Children Safe in Education requires the Designated Safeguarding Lead and any deputies to undergo training every two years in order to provide them with the knowledge and skills required to carry out their role, not only to provide support and advice but to ensure they meet the statutory requirements.

This one-day session is designed to refresh and update Designated Safeguarding and Deputy Safeguarding Leads around the broad areas of responsibilities and activities related to their roles. Providing them with support on how updates and changes in statutory legislation and best practice guidance, since their previous training, affects their role and safeguarding practices within the setting. Ensuring they are up to date with any relevant developments.

Please note: New to role Designated or Deputy Safeguarding Leads should attend our 2 Day Designated Safeguarding Lead training.

Following the training attendees will be required to complete an Online Training Assessment to demonstrate their understanding of their role and responsibilities.

All attendees successfully achieving an 80% pass rate will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Timing: 9.30am to 16.30pm

Light refreshments and a buffet lunch are provided**

**any special dietary requirements must be provided to at least 7 days prior to the training date**

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