Stop It Now: Child Sexual Abuse Learning Programme

Parent Protect have developed an online child sexual abuse and exploitation awareness learning programme for parents, carers and professionals to help: 

  • Understand potential risks
  • Recognise the signs of possible abuse in children
  • Be aware of inappropriate behaviour in adults
  • Know where to go for help if you have concerns and would like to talk about them

The programme is for parents, carers and professionals, and aims to:

  • Provide the information you need about child sexual abuse and sexual exploitation
  • Show you how to create a family safety plan
  • Tell you who you can talk to if you are worried

Stop it now: Child Sexual Abuse Learning Programme

Module 1: Understanding child sexual abuse

Module 2: What do we mean by child sexual abuse?

Module 3: The effects of sexual abuse on children

Module 4: Who abuses children?

Module 5: Young people with harmful sexual behaviour (HSB)

Module 6: Online internet safety

Module 7: How abusers do it

Module 8: Signs in children

Module 9: Recognising the warning signs in adults

Module 10: Why children don’t tell about abuse

Module 11: Family safety plan

Module 12: What to do if you suspect abuse


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