The Prevent Duty

Many of our schools have reported seeing a rise in misogynist incidents happening in school, experiencing the verbal harassment of female teachers from some students, who often resonate with the views of self-styled influencers.

Under the Equality Act, schools should have due regard to eliminating unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation. This should include addressing misogyny by implementing comprehensive preventative education programmes that promote gender equality, respect and empathy. KCSiE highlights that preventative education is most effective in the context of a whole-school approach and prepares students for life in modern Britain, creating a culture of zero tolerance for sexism, misogyny/misandry, homophobia, biphobic and sexual violence and harassment. Having fully inclusive school policies including the updated Behaviour Policy, well planned differentiated and evidenced based RSHE programmes, effective up to date whole school or setting Prevent training which raises awareness and understanding of  responsibilities and promoting positive representation of women through books, media and classroom discussions can help challenge negative stereotypes and promote a more inclusive and equitable learning environment.

The Prevent Duty should be seen as part of the schools’ wider safeguarding obligations. If you haven’t already, designated safeguarding leads, senior leaders and governors should familiarise themselves with the revised Prevent Duty guidance which provides guidance on all forms of extremism, promotes community cohesion and raises understanding and awareness.

Helpful resources

Our updated interactive whole school Prevent Awareness training provides a clearer understanding of the roles and responsibilities of school staff towards The Prevent Duty and is available to be delivered virtually or face to face. Call 01274 752299 or email for more information.

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